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Adding a wooden deck to your home is one of the best ways to improve your outdoor living space. However, just like all other wooden items, it needs to be properly maintained to preserve its usability and prolong its lifetime value.

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When you are looking for a reliable wooden deck builder in Leawood, Kansas, Leawood Deck Builder can help. We have been in the business for seven years, making us the most trusted deck service provider in Leawood, Kansas.

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The Beauty of Wooden Decks

A wooden deck is one of the best ways to derive more enjoyment from your residence. Furthermore, a solidly constructed wooden deck adds value and curb appeal to your property. It offers you and your family additional space to entertain guests and somewhere to get a breath of fresh air after a long, tiring day. 

Our wooden decks make a sound investment in your home. Our design and construction services give you the choice to build a simple deck or an elaborate one.

Leawood Deck Builder is the leading wooden deck builder in Leawood, Kansas. We help property owners who want to install wooden decks and make their plans become a reality. Our skilled deck installation experts can help you through all steps of planning and installing your wooden deck. When you choose to work with us for your wood deck project, we will make sure that every aspect of your project is built on a solid foundation.

Why Wooden Decks Never Go Out of Style

Nothing beats the beauty of a natural wooden deck due to its unique nature, varying grains, and overall warmth. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, there are other benefits, too. Below are some of the reasons why wood is an ideal choice for decking.


Wood is a versatile material to build and design with. It can be used for all types of outdoor applications – from decks and pergolas to gazebos and playhouses. 

In terms of aesthetic appeal, wood naturally offers various grain patterns and colors. You can also stain it to retain the texture of the wood grain while achieving a hue that will complement your home.


One of the main reasons why professionals and DIYers alike love working with wood is that it’s readily available. You can easily find a good range of wood in lumber yards and big-box stores across the country.


Wood is a more affordable option than other materials like composites. Softwoods, which come from evergreen coniferous trees, tend to be cheaper than hardwoods since they grow faster and therefore not as expensive to produce.

These trees are also easier to manipulate, cut, saw, and screw which can lower your labor costs. You can build a wood deck that is almost twice the size of a composite deck for the same price. Just keep in mind to treat your wood deck properly about every two years with water repellent and decking oils to keep it looking beautiful.

High Return on Investment

Wooden decks are one of the top remodeling projects if you want a high return on investment. It provides a higher ROI compared with composite decking.


Since wood grows organically, it is the world’s only naturally-renewable mainstream building material. In the United States, more trees are planted than harvested, and this responsible harvesting and replanting process helps keep our environment healthy.

Using wood as a building material can also help mitigate climate change. As trees grow, they absorb harmful carbon dioxide and store it in wood fibers. When the trees are harvested, the carbon they captured continues to be stored in the wood. It is only released back into the atmosphere if it is burned or decays.

Health Benefits

When it comes to health and wellness, the design of your home may prove to be just as essential as your diet, sleeping habits, or exercise routine. This is the idea behind the biophilic design- the idea that incorporating natural elements into your homes, such as wood, water, sunlight, or plants can improve your overall well-being. 


Pressure-treated lumber is commonly used for decking substructures due to its load-bearing strength.

Signs You Need Wooden Deck Repair Services

Below are some signs to help you tell if your wooden deck needs repair.

Rotten Wood Parts

When the wooden parts of the deck are rotten, it can be a safety hazard. Rotting wood is usually due to exposure to the elements over time. Treating the wooden parts before use can slow down the deterioration of wood.

Splintered or Cracked Boards

Cracks are one of the signs of wear, and they are normal in wooden decks. However, when these cracks are deep, they cause a potential threat to people. 

Cracks also contribute to the weakening of the wood. This can compromise the deck’s structural integrity, potentially leading to a collapse of the entire deck. 

Looking for the small cracks in the wood and filling them in will help. When you see large cracks, these boards should be replaced immediately.

Wobbly Railings and Stairs

A safe wooden deck is not only made of wooden boards nailed together. It also has railings and stairs that use screws and metal connectors to make it securely attached to the deck.

The best way to ensure its safety is to ensure the stairs and railings aren’t wobbly. When checking the wooden deck, observe the movement of the rails and walking surface. If they shake or give excessively, you need to address the issue immediately before it worsens.

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