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A screened-in porch in Leawood, Kansas is a popular option in many homes. These home additions can improve your property value and maximize your outdoor space. They can make sure that you can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about bugs. 

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At Leawood Deck Builder, we build high-quality, custom-made screened porches to improve your home’s curb appeal. We have been in the business for seven years, making us the most trusted deck service provider in Leawood, Kansas.

We proudly serve all properties throughout Leawood, Kansas, Overland Park, Kansas, Prairie Village, Kansas, Belton, Missouri, Lenexa, Kansas, Olathe, Kansas, Raymore, Missouri, and Kansas City, Missouri.

In a climate like Missouri, where summers are hot and humid, bugs are out in full force.  A screened-in porch works wonders by allowing you to enjoy your outdoors without any discomfort.

When the weather is really hot and mosquitoes keep flying around your ears, it sure would be nice to have a cover above your head and something to keep the bugs out. 

As a top porch builder that uses cutting-edge techniques and the latest in industry technology and materials, Leawood Deck builder will keep you in your comfort zone. We create screened porches for our customers seeking comfort, versatility, and a way to enjoy the outdoors. 

We take pride in turning the abstract ideas our customers present to us into actionable building plans. Our screened porch designs can enhance your home in several ways, including increasing curb appeal, creating a beautiful outdoor space, and expanding your home in ways you might not have previously considered. 

We want you to enjoy your beautiful landscape without the bugs that accompany it. We also want to protect your patio furniture from harmful elements. When you have screened porches, your outdoor furniture will stay safe from unfavorable weather conditions. 

Why Should You Consider Building a Screened Porch?

Decks and patios are great lounging areas when the weather is clear and warm. However, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy them throughout the year? By adding a screened porch, you’re opening an outdoor space that you can use all year long. This means getting more out of your home.

If you want to know the benefits of a screened porch, below are some of them.

Keeps insects and bugs away

One of the main benefits of having a screened porch is being free of mosquitoes and other insects. You can still enjoy all the fresh air you want, and the screens will prevent any flying insects from bothering you and your family.

Creates a second family room

You can enjoy a game night outdoors if you have a screened porch. Whether you bring a deck of cards or an entire TV and video game console setup, you and your family will enjoy game time together regardless of the weather.

If it gets a little too chilly, you can bring a portable space heater with you. Screened porches provide an excellent location for a fun family night.

Provides a new place to entertain guests

Screening in your porch transforms it into a functional outdoor living space. This is a perfect area for inviting friends and family over for get-togethers. Family gatherings will be more fun because you can enjoy the fresh air without technically leaving the comfort of your home.

Depending on what setup you have, you can also host a BBQ party, which is perfect because you’ll get all the benefits of the cookout without any of the bugs.

Provides added privacy

Although screened porches are hardly opaque, they still create a barrier to added privacy. This is ideal for people who want a little more privacy. 

Any curious passerby would have to stop and stare at your porch to know who was there or what was going on, so you wind up with some extra privacy on your front porch. It also makes your porch an excellent place to get some peace and quiet, or even meditate since you have the privacy of screened walls.

Improves your home’s curb appeal and value

Just like any other home renovation, screened porches add value to your home. It allows prospective buyers to picture their family enjoying that space. Furthermore, since a screened porch is not common, it could be the feature that ultimately wins them over.

Unlimited Additions

When you have the right additions to your screened porch, you take this area up another level. You can add lighting, speakers, even some ceiling fans. These can all do dramatic things for the ambiance.

If you want a luxurious porch, you can also go bigger by adding a fireplace/insert, a television, or even a Jacuzzi. 

Providing the Perfect Balance Between Shelter and Seclusion

A screened porch creates a unique outdoor living space in your home. More enclosed than a veranda but less confining than in an interior room, screened porches allow you to enjoy the outdoors without having to contend with bugs, windblown leaves, or the glare of harsh sunlight.

Furthermore, a screened porch is a relatively unobtrusive project. The disruption it can cause to your household is fairly minimal and the temporary clutter is confined to a small area.

If you’re ready to transform your porch into a versatile space, look no further than Leawood Deck Builder. We provide the best services and customer service in the industry. We’re confident you’ll love your new screened porch!

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