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Deck Repair in Leawood, Kansas

If you are unsure whether you need a deck repair, it all comes down to facing the reality of the condition of your deck. A deck is a wonderful addition to any home. However, it can become an eyesore when not maintained properly.

Taking good care of your deck is vital to keeping it intact. Without proper maintenance, you might have to replace yours much sooner than you should have. Your deck is built to last and should be used for decades or more. 

Let the team from Leawood Deck Builder take care of your maintenance and repairs. Our technicians are local to you, so they understand your needs very well. Our goal is to provide quality deck repairs at prices you can afford. 

Signs That You Need Deck Repair

If you have a deck at home, it’s most likely one of your favorite areas. Decks are the perfect outdoor venues for year-round enjoyment and entertainment.

However, your deck is also a living space that takes the most abuse because of its outdoor location. While decks make a wonderful outdoor living area, they are also investments that need maintenance and repairs throughout the years. 

A deck that needs repair may need to reveal its flaws until it’s too late. That’s why it’s essential to continually maintain and inspect your deck throughout the change of seasons. 

A simple glance won’t do. Common deck repairs often come from signs that may not be apparent at first. That’s why a proper inspection should be done to reveal its true condition. 

Below are some of the signs that your deck needs repair.

Unstable Footings

Your deck is built on some type of underlying foundation. When your deck seems to be sinking, a foundation issue might be the root of the problem. Keep in mind that the deck footings are the main support for a heavy amount of weight. A sound, the structural foundation is of the utmost importance.

Concrete footings under the deck are not also long-term since the concrete can crack or even drop. Colder climates with usual freeze and thaw conditions can make the concrete heave into the soil. Extreme temperature changes can affect the stability and structure of these bases. 

When you notice these signs on your deck, call a professional deck repair service to repair the footings and maintain foundation stability. 

Rickety, Wobbly Railings

A loose railing is not an immediate danger. However, it can freely tumble off the sides, which is a serious safety hazard. Loose railings can be dangerous if your deck is highly elevated or if young kids regularly use it. 

The railing posts should be tightly fastened to the deck and should not wobble or be unsteady. Check for any rickety railings and keep a close eye if they appear to be a structural problem. If the damage to a deck railing is more extensive, such as rot or rust, it may need replacement instead of a mere tightening up. 

Cracked, Splintered, or Loose Deck Boards

One of the most common signs that your deck needs repair is any loose or damaged floorboards. If you have an old deck or a traditional wooden deck, the wood will splinter or crack from continuous exposure to outdoor elements, 

While wood cracks naturally come with age, some boards age faster than others. If some boards need repair, replacement is easy. However, if the deck seems spongy-like, the entire deck platform is unsafe and needs total replacement. 

When the deck boards seem to wobble, that doesn’t mean the deck will collapse at any time. The wobbling boards will weaken the other parts of your deck over time, which includes the ledger that attaches the deck to your home. This issue needs an immediate repair or even replacement of the entire deck. 

Rusty Nails or Metal Connectors

If some hardware is missing or eroded, it can be a huge problem. Nuts and bolts are what hold the pieces together. The more rust you find on the metal pieces that connect one part to another, the more dangerous your deck’s condition is. 

If you see signs of corrosion, the deck’s structure is compromised. Any screws that appear to no longer hold the deck’s framework or joists together are clear signs that the internal structure is weakening. Rusty or broken fittings underneath the deck are also a hazard to you and your family. 

Your Deck is Older Than Current Regulations

If you have an old deck made of lumber, or you’ve bought a home with a deck that hasn’t been properly maintained, you may want to replace the deck instead of repairing it. 

Current regulations for decks recommend that any deck over ten years old should be inspected based on current safety codes. Either way, it’s best to inspect the deck’s structure and condition to know what you’re dealing with. 

Professional Deck Repair Services

Leawood Deck Builder provides reliable deck repair for homeowners throughout Leawood, Kansas. We are equipped with all the materials and parts needed to take care of whatever kind of deck problem you have. 

As a homeowner, we value your time. That’s why we show up on time for your appointment, and we will get the repair work finished fast so that you and your family can enjoy this outdoor structure safely once again. 

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