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Kansas is known for its bountiful sunflowers and beautiful landscapes. That’s why homeowners in the Kansas area like to enjoy their surroundings from the comfort of their decks. 

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Let the professionals from Leawood Deck Builder help you with your decking needs. We have been in the business for seven years, making us the most trusted deck service provider in Leawood, Kansas.

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About Composite Decking

One of the most durable and cost-effective decking options available is composite decking. Composite decking refers to deck boards made from cores of either 100% polymer material or a combination of organic wood flakes and plastics. 

Composite decking is engineered with a low-sheen, high-traffic technology that makes it last decades longer than any other product on the market. Most of the materials used in composite decking are reused plastic shopping bags, reclaimed wood, used pallets, and sawdust. This makes composite decking a durable and earth-friendly product.

Homeowners in Leawood, Kansas who want to invest in the interior of their structure will find that there is no way to go wrong when they choose a composite deck. When choosing the best materials to build an outdoor oasis, composite decking material always ranks highly because it offers great value.

Trust the Professionals for Your Composite Decking Project

Whether you want a standard or a custom composite deck for your home, our experts at Leawood Deck Builder are here to make your dream project become a reality. Our team is an expert when it comes to composite pool deck construction. 

Multi-level composite deck architecture, second-story composite deck additions, open area composite decks, and composite decks that feature more than one color are some of our specialties. We are more than happy to work with all homeowners around Leawood, Kansas to create the elegant and functional outdoor space they want.

Benefits of Composite Decking

While you may love the natural warmth and charm of real wood decking, you might end up hating the frequent maintenance it needs. At Leawood Deck Builder, we take pride in offering high-quality composite decking.

Read on to know the benefits of composite decking.

Superior Durability

Unlike traditional wood and even some PVC options, high-performance or “capped” wood alternatives resist fading, scratching, and mold. They don’t, warp, crack, or splinter. Spilled food, dropped grill tools, and wet planter pots are no match for newer composites. Composite decking offers an unprecedented combination of fade, stain, and mold resistance due to its protective shell and high-traffic formulation.

Low Maintenance

It’s necessary to wash, stain, and seal wood decks. This process can take several days and may require the use of heavy equipment like a power washer.

In contrast, high-quality composites retain their beauty for decades with minimal upkeep. This means you’ll spend more time enjoying it rather than maintaining your deck. You don’t have to worry about sanding, staining, or painting. You only need a simple soap and water cleaning twice a year. 

Since spills, splashes, and other accidents are inevitable, it’s essential to choose a composite that guarantees no-fade color so your decking remains looking the same for many years.


High-performance composite decking provides the look and feel of real wood, but without the environmental effect of deforestation. While PVC decking is made only from synthetic materials, composite decking is manufactured using recycled content. 

Strong Warranties

Lengthy warranties on composites guarantee the aesthetic appeal and offer additional peace of mind. When planning an outdoor living space, you need to consider the cost of the project.

Just like other things in life, you get what you pay for. Composite decking and railing cost more, board for the board than wood decking and railing. However, the payoff you get over time in decreased maintenance costs and increased leisure time provides compelling value.

How to Take Care of Your Composite Decking

Composite decking requires less maintenance than traditional wood. While it can be resurfaced like natural wood, it’s engineered to better withstand damage over the years when cared for properly. Here are some tips to care for your composite decking.

  • Sweep regularly to remove dirt and debris. Use mild soap and warm water with a nylon brush to gently remove stubborn spots. 
  • Pressure wash your composite decking boards as needed using no more than 1300 Psi and by keeping the wand at least 10 inches from the deck surface.
  • Do not use paints and stains, since they will not adhere to the composite decking material or effectively penetrate the protective surface.

Why Choose Leawood Deck Builder for Your Composite Deck Project?

Leawood Deck Builder is a locally owned and operated business that has served our community for seven years. When you hire us for your composite deck project, we guarantee to provide only high-quality service. 

We always stay ahead of trends and innovations in the home improvement industry. Our team is always on the lookout for new products and services that can improve your quality of life. We are committed to providing the best deck-building service at prices you can afford.

We only use top-quality building materials and follow the safest construction practices in the industry. We also comply with all local building codes. Before starting any project, we make sure the proposed job meets all building requirements. 

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