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Welcome to Leawood Deck Builder! We have provided fast and top-quality deck services for seven years. We believe that going above and beyond to provide a first-class service every time is the best way to ensure customer satisfaction. From deck repairs to deck installations, we got your needs covered.

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    Our Range of Services

    Leawood Deck Builder is proud to offer the following services:

    Deck Repair

    Taking good care of your deck is vital to keeping it intact. Without proper maintenance, you might have to replace yours much sooner than you should have to. Your deck is built to last and should be used for decades or more.

    Wood Decks

    Leawood Deck Builder is the leading wooden deck builder in Leawood, Kansas. We help property owners who want to install wooden decks and make their plans become a reality.

    Composite Decks

    Whether you want a standard or a custom composite deck to your home, our experts at Leawood Deck Builder are here to make your dream project become a reality. Our team is an expert when it comes to composite pool deck construction.

    Vinyl Decks

    Leawood Deck Builder offers a variety of vinyl deck materials for our customers. We have a team of professional deck designers who can help you plan the vinyl deck of your dreams.

    Swimming Pool Decks

    Leawood Deck Builder offers a wide range of decking materials for your swimming pool deck. We believe that the most important consideration when it comes to pool decking is the material to use.


    Our pergolas are constructed with a steel frame inside the wood to ensure a solid structure that will last for years to come. Other contractors may build their pergolas using wood alone, but this can erode and rot over time.

    Screened Porches

    We take pride in turning the abstract ideas our customers present to us into actionable building plans. Our screened porch designs can enhance your home in several ways, including increasing curb appeal, creating a beautiful outdoor space, and expanding your home in ways you might not have previously considered.

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    Read on to know why the people of Leawood, Kansas love our deck services.


    “I have used Leawood Deck Builder for my deck and they have been exceptional. They are quick to respond and provide quality work. You can’t beat that.”


    “They are wonderful people to work with! They are very professional in what they do. We’ll definitely recommend them!”


    “The people from Leawood Deck Builder  know their craft very well. They arrived on time for my deck repair and did a wonderful job.”

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    In our seven years of experience in the industry, Leawood Deck Builder has been approached with a variety of questions. That’s why to provide you with some knowledge and understanding of deck construction, we have compiled a list of some of the most common queries!

    In most instances, if you are building a new deck on your home, you will be required to have a county permit if the new deck is more than 12″ above grade. If the deck is less than 12″ above grade you are not required to have a county permit because it is considered a patio and not a deck. Always check with your local permit and inspection office as these codes change from time to time.

    Generally what you need is a copy of your property plan that clearly shows the house and its location in conjunction with the property lines. Indicate on the plan where the new deck is to be located on the property. 

    Extreme caution should be used when you are using any heat source on your new deck or screen porch. When grilling or using a patio heater etc. you should allow ample distance from railings, houses, or any other vertical or horizontal structures that might come in contact with the heating element; some grills and patio heaters can reach temperatures over 800 degrees and can cause severe damage to any structure.

    Always read the manufacturer’s instructions as to how far to place the heat source you are using to an existing structure. Never leave a heat source unattended and most importantly make sure that proper maintenance is always in place with any heat source you are using. Remember grease catches on fire very easily.

    It is normal for composite decking materials to fade (generally 15 to 20% of their original color) over time. This is part of the normal weathering process of composite decking. Staining has always been an ongoing issue with composite decking, however, most manufacturers have care and cleaning tips posted on their websites.

    Composites in general cost more than wood products. However, you save money in the long run. Sanding and sealing once a year with real wood can get costly. 

    Yes but a poorly maintained deck can become a slip hazard in wet conditions. The key factor in preventing slipperiness is to ensure that the deck surface is kept clean and surface deposits such as mildew, algae, and fine mosses are kept at bay for it is these deposits that cause slipperiness on any surface, even stone flags, in wet weather.


    Decked surfaces should be brushed with a stiff broom frequently to keep the build-up of organic matter (such as leaves) to a minimum and to give them a thorough clean once a year in spring or autumn using either a power spray washer or a proprietary deck cleaning product.

    Decking is an ideal solution for sloping gardens. The manner of construction (ground-mounted posts supporting a sub-frame raft) means slopes can be eradicated quickly and cost-effectively without the need to build heavy foundations or excavate large quantities of soil.

    Yes, there are several systems available, the most popular being small up-lighters that are recessed into the top surface of the boards.

    To support the weight of a hot tub when full, the deck will need to be purpose-designed by a structural engineer. The structure must be built from stress-graded timber appropriate to your build. 

    Swelling or expansion during condition change must be accounted for when installing a deck. Therefore boards should be placed approximately 6-8mm from one another (dependent on the moisture content at the time when decking is placed). This also allows for water runoff and prevents the accumulation of dirt between boards. Wider boards are affected more by weather change than narrower boards, so board size should also be taken into account.

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    Our Guarantee

    At Leawood Deck Builder, we don’t just make empty promises; we guarantee our work. We take pride in the work we do, our professional and friendly technicians, and straightforward pricing. We go above and beyond to ensure that we built the deck of your dreams. When you choose us, you can rest assured that we will provide you with efficient and professional deck building services.